Matte Grey
Matte Grey
Ürün Kodu : JG7PEQE
Etiketler :
Matte Grey
Product Item No. Matte grey
Front Projection 2d Active 3d compabitility
Weight 500(±20)gsm
Fire Resistant YES  Mildew Proof YES
Cleanable YES Antistatic YES
Viewing Angle  160°(L&R80°) Gain 0,8
Suitable temperature  -20° ~ +60° Product structure  PVC film+ Polyester Fiber+ PVC film
Roll  Width 1.85m~3.2m Thickness  0.45mm±0.02mm
Note: If customers have special needs, according to the contract.

It is a high-tech product applied to teaching, recreation and sports, film and television and media, features natural and clear image as well as soft color, contributes to eyesight protection, and has the characteristics of good brightness, good visual effect, low cost, mould prevention, fire resistance, water resistance, crease resistance, Antistatic, etc. the curtain fabric boasts vertical stretching, no hemming, no yellowing, no crumple and no crease.


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